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Cellulite Reduction/
Acoustic Wave Therapy

How does Cellulite Reduction/Acoustic Wave
Therapy work?

Cellulite reduction done by Acoustic Wave Therapy
mechanically vibrates connective tissue in affected
areas of the body, improving the skin's appearance by:
  • causing the connective tissue to stretch, which
    increases its elasticity;
  • producing localized edema that increases
    vascularization (the organic process
    whereby body tissue develops capillaries),
    ensuring better exchanges to the connective
  • producing an inflammatory reaction that triggers
    the release of healing mediators, creating
    fibroblastic proliferation leading to a new,
    thickened band of collagen being deposited in
    the upper and mid portions of the skin.
What is typical Acoustic Wave Therapy
treatment program?

Patients are treated twice per week for three weeks.
Sessions typically last less than a half hour. Additional
treatments are necessary for about 20 percent of
patients. We recommend that patients have a
maintenance session once every three months after
completing the initial program.

Call us @ 813-677-3323, click here, or, stop by the spa @
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an appointment.

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