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Lotus Med Spa is on the cutting edge when it comes to the technology that we employ. From the Aramis™ laser that uses a patented wavelength to penetrate the skin’s layers to the depth where sebaceous glands are located to the MeDioStar XT which is designed to provide safe, Permanent Hair Removal, even for darker skin types.

The D-Actor is used for our Acoustic Wave Therapy treatments. This technology corrects cellulite by by impacting the fibrous septae and breaking them up using Acoustic Wave Therapy. This frees and smoothes the skin. New blood vessels form and lymphatics are freed. Finally, the dermis is thickened over the dimples. The results: improvement in the appearance of cellulite, better blood and lymphatic flow and healthier skin.

Our technology also comes from non-mechanical means. We use the latest in cosmeceutical development in order to provide the best quality product which in turn will provide the best result for you. The moisturizers, cleansers, facial peels, and sun screens available from physician offices can provide a greater effect than those from salons. We carry a complete line of Bellederm medical grade cosmeceuticals for your skin care needs.
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