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What Is MicroPeel?
The MicroPeelŽ is a three-step process that combines medical grade microdermabrasion with chemical peels to improve the texture and feel of your skin. The top layer is a significant obstruction to having better skin because it is pore-clogged. The procedure is safe, effective and is accomplished in 15-20 minutes.

Is it painful?
Upon application, patients feel a slight stinging which subsides after a few minutes.

How often would I have to have this treatment?
Similar to a facial, we recommend treatment every two weeks. Depending on your skin type, however, treatments four times per month may produce a more dramatic result.

How will I look after the first treatment?
Unlike a facial, most people will notice a change in the skin right away. You can apply your makeup immediately following the procedure.

Are there any risks with chemical peels?
Complications from superficial peeling agents are rare. The most common side effects may include persistent erythema, irritation and increased sensitivity.

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